Röhlig understands treating their staff and educating their sales team

This company is one of UP ATONE events’ long time clients alongside Luzanne Fourie from Summit Conferencing. The 2017 year-end function was a celebration of everything South African.  We had braai stands as well as Durban curry bunny chow stations. As always one of trusted entertainers, Boki had the crowd on their feet. Doing this in a setting like Kathy’s Palace bar just made iit more amazing with the Johannesburg skyline emulating in the background. Our next event took us to the rolling bushveld of Marriot Protea’s Zebula lodge.

Thinking outside the box we brought them a sales conference on the next level. Incorporating an Ellen DeGeneres theme we brought them a conference with more substance and laughter than they had in years. Clever team building in-between presentations and a ripping gala dinner. Our last function was an African chic meets shebeen event where we had our artist play a waiter for a  short amount of time and after an Eskom inspired load shedding our waiter sang us into one massive party for the rest of the event. Whether its staff or clients we are ready to tackle the next events head-on.