The federation of Printing and Printing SA hosts the Printing SA week of Print at Gallagher estate annually

This well attended event of up to six hundred people receives the attention to detail it deserves. Themes differ from Madam Zingara to 1920’s printing press but the brief remains the same. The night is all about celebrating the industry, its partners and the massive contribution printing does to the economy. In 2018 we had the renowned band “Swing City” serenade the guests while the newspaper 1920’s theme brought the event to life. Loyiso Bala, Nathan Ro (Lonehill Estate) and Graeme Watkins (The Graeme Watkins Project), swing city front men had the crowd jumping and swinging their way to the end of the night.

Newspaper printed menus and newspaper boys welcoming the guest transported you to a different area. Sticking to a theme and enforcing it right though an event is not always easy and definitely takes some brainstorming, the reward is lasting memories and nights to remember.

Coupled with an exhibition and a conference this year’s Printing Sa events are going to be a three-day showcase.