Once a year the distinguished advocates of Pretoria meet to celebrate the industry, judges and the advocate profession.

The scene is set on a transformed cricket pitch below the beautiful GK Chambers building in Groenkloof, Pretoria. It’s up to the UP A TONE team to provide the elegant, yet eclectic soiree from scratch. Our challenges are endless as we are working with a cricket pitch not accessible to any vehicles. Furthermore, running water, power or refrigeration posed challenges. We set up a logistical plan behind the scenes that included a mobile kitchen, protective flooring, cooling trailers, luxury lavatories and generators.

This logistical backbone gives us the pallet to create our unique ideas. The four hundred and fifty distinguished guests that attend the event annually were greeted by a red carpet, registration section and a well thought off custom cocktail to fit the event theme. A fully functional 360-degree cocktail and spirit bar, as well as unique canapé snacks, was enjoyed throughout the evening. When coupled with various forms of entertainment including the likes of BOKI as well as casino tables this event is one surely not to be missed. Certainly, one of the UP A TONE highlights.