Summer is a great season in which to get married, but with that comes the possibility and, let’s face it, large probability that it might rain on your wedding parade – no matter where you are.

Here are some tips to keep in mind just in case the heavens open up when you are about to say your “I Dos”.

Choose a venue that won’t be swamped and made inaccessible by rains – your guests need to have sufficient shelter as well as ample space and all the necessary amenities to enjoy the party despite the pouring rain pouring.

Expansive green lawns and gardens make for a pretty venue, but make sure that there are ample paved areas where your guests can relax and mingle during the wedding. Not only can those lush green lawns quickly turn into a muddy swamp; it’s usually a nightmare to navigate in high heels – that would be half the guests and the bride herself.

Having the right sound, lighting and technical production is crucial to the success of any event. You can rest assured that we at UP A TONE EVENTS know this. We’ll make sure that everything is of the highest quality and functions without a glitch.

Check the stats, play the odds: Modern-day technology offers weather forecasts up to a month in advance with rather impressive accuracy. Check out as many sites as possible and keep track of the chances of rain on your big day.

Rain on your wedding day traditionally means good luck (hey, good omens doesn’t have to make sense). See it as a blessing from above. Relax – at most, it will make the day even more memorable. As long as you follow these golden rules, you’ll be fine. Roll with it and focus on enjoying your wedding with your loved ones.

UP A TONE EVENTS has a wide range of equipment and some experts with years of experience to help you form a contingency plan ad turn a rainy day into the best day ever.
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