You are organising a conference and you want it to stand out – of all the conferences in the year, you want your conference to be the best one yet.

But how do you make it special? The answer lies in the finer details; those personal touches that will elevate their experience above the rest.

We’ve looked at how you can use technology creatively to get the conference off on the right foot. Now let’s see what you can do during the conference to make conferees feel special and make the conference more memorable.

Rest and recreation areas

While conferences are for networking, do add some personal touches such as relevant industry-related magazines next to some couches in rest areas (pick a venue with couches!) or talking points relevant to the theme of your conference (e.g. an area for weird and innovative gadgets at a tech conference). This can become a topic over which people network and adds a layer of details that cements the theme of the conference.

Tech facilities

Most people nowadays have laptops or tablets with them at all times, and if not then today’s smartphones are sufficient to do business on the go at the conference. While this is enough for most people, go that extra distance and provide a place with open laptops and printers for those conferees who prefer doing business the old-school way.

Provide power points

Make sure there are enough plugs and extension cords for conferees to power up their laptops and tablets, as well as their smartphones, during the conference itself. How you provide these will largely depend on the size and layout of the venue, so coordinate with the host of the venue in advance.

Make it personal

Personalise water bottles with your conference logo. When buying sweets or mints for the conference tables, try to stay within theme and match the colours. The same goes for any flower arrangements or other décor – just because it isn’t literally branded with your logo doesn’t mean it can’t represent. Pick everything in the colours of your brand to add cohesion and create a lasting, if subliminal, impression.

Leave a note

In addition to the usual branded notepad, folder and pen, leave a welcoming note with information such as the wifi password and the layout of the venue. For longer conferences, add information about the area and mention some local attractions, as well as the nearest shopping centres, banks and pharmacies.

A parting gift

Budget for a parting gift for each conferee. This can be a goodie bag filled with small items or one larger keepsake. Again, try to bring your corporate colours into it even if you aren’t using your brand’s logo. If you have sponsors for the event, involve them and ask them if they have any promotional items they would like to add. Make sure the items in the goodie bag is usable and practical – you don’t want to spoil the memory of a successful event with a meaningless or irrelevant parting gift.

Organising a conference that stands out from the crowd is an achievement of which you will forever be proud. At UP A TONE EVENTS, we have all the tools to create a conference that will be streamlined, professional and unforgettable. Contact us today!