You are organising a conference and you want it to stand out – chances are the conferees attend quite a few conferences a year and you want your conference to be the best one yet.

But how do you make it special? The answer lies in the finer details; those personal touches that will elevate their experience above the rest.

We’ve put together a few ideas to add some personal touches to your conference that will leave a lasting impression on the conferees.

First we will look at how you can use social media creatively to get your conference off to the right start.

Create a website

Use a simple yet visually pleasing webpage to accept registration and counts down the days to the conference. You can also use this webpage to communicate important information, make the programme available and double-check on important details such as dietary requirements. In addition, you can also provide background information or supplementary information that can help conferees to prepare for the conference and thereby already create the right mind set among conferees.

Create a Facebook group

This is another way in which you can use social media to create clear and effective channels of communication. Add conferees to the group and use it as an informal tool to communicate information such as dates, especially when the conference is only in its planning phase. You can use this to gauge interest and potential attendance. Because Facebook is interactive, the conferees can interact on the page and start networking before the event. You can also post updates during the event, including photos, that serves as a real-time representation of the event and as marketing for next year’s conference.

Provide PURLs

Another way to get information while making the conferee feel special and not just like another number is creating personal URLs, or PURLs. Place the PURL on the save the date invite and let the conferee link to his or her own personal page. On this page, they can fill in the registration form along with all other necessary forms. You can also include pre-conference questionnaires or a suggestion “box” where the conferee can post suggestions for topics or aspects he would like to be addressed at the conference; or post questions on the conference’s topic for which he would like answers.

Take it to Twitter

Before the conference, create a few hashtags for the event. The hashtag must be relevant to the conference, unique and easy to use. Share the hashtags in your welcome note and ask conferees to use if when they live-tweet. Appoint an assistant to live-tweet the conference and share links to key speakers’ accounts as well as other social media.


Organising a conference that stands out from the crowd is an achievement of which you will forever be proud. At UP A TONE EVENTS, we have all the tools to create a conference that will be streamlined, professional and unforgettable. Contact us today!