Welcome to the concluding part of our article on how to choose your wedding blooms.

While there are many (many, many, many) things that can make or break a wedding, flowers can surely be found at the top of the list. And they play a role of so many parts of the wedding: your hair, your bouquet, decorations where the ceremony takes place, decorations where the reception takes place, flowers for the table arrangements … which makes for a lot of potential stress.

Even though no one will notice if your flowers aren’t exactly what you wanted and not perfect in your eyes – hey, to most people, a rose is just a rose, by any other name – you will know. And that is what matters.

Whereas table arrangements and centrepieces are right in front of your guests throughout the reception, your wedding bouquet is arguably the most important floral element of the day. It will feature in your wedding photos and can complement (or detract from) your wedding dress, so it’s a priority to pick the perfect bouquet.

In the last of these articles on how to pick wedding flowers that wow, we’ll help you decide which type of bouquet would suit your dress, your type of wedding and your theme the best. We’ll look at size (in this case, it matters a lot), shape, how it works with your dress and how you should hold it.

The most important thing to remember is that the bouquet should complement your personality and the style of your dress. Too many brides pick a bouquet that drowns them and doesn’t complement the shape and lines of the dress. You should have bought your dress or at least have the final design in mind before you start looking at bouquets.

To complement the shape and lines of the dress, we suggest you consider the following:

  • Most dresses have a narrow waist – high, normal or low – so make sure your bouquet doesn’t hide this feature. It should not be as wide as your waist.
  • For a dress with a long train or a bustle, the bouquet should be more dramatic to balance this out, e.g. a bigger bouquet with a dramatic focus point.
  • For a dress where the top is accentuated with lace, diamanté, ruching or fabric floral detailing, opt for a trailing bouquet that balances this out. The relatively plainer skirt serves as a backdrop to show off the bouquet.
  • For a dress where the feature detail (e.g. lace, ruching, fabric flowers or diamanté) is on the skirt, balance it out with a shorter or smaller bouquet that doesn’t draw attention away from this detailing. Avoid trailing bouquets.

While your bouquet will probably incorporate most if not all of the flowers you have chosen for the wedding, make sure that the colours suit the dress. Everything should work together and complement each other – and not clash. (Note that contrasting colours can complement each other and often do so very well; clashing colours are not the same as contrasting colours.)

A great way of tying in the colour of your wedding dress with your bouquet is using the same fabric to wrap the stem or incorporating a swathe of fabric in any other way.

Something no one thinks about until they are holding the bouquet and the show starts is how to hold the bouquet. Even the most perfectly sized and perfectly shaped bouquet in the most perfect and complementary colours will look awkward and detract from the overall effect if not held properly.

Avoid the following:

  • Clutching the bouquet with both hands. Check beforehand that you’ll be able to comfortable hold it with one hand.
  • Carrying the bouquet too high. This will hide your waist and the top of your dress – and even your face.
  • Slumping or lifting your shoulders up and forward. This will cause your dress to fall unflatteringly, which is especially noticeable with strapless wedding gowns.

The trick is to be comfortable, because then you will look comfortable. Hold the bouquet with one hand, at a level just below your hip and held slightly away from your dress to prevent a flattened look for the bouquet and the wrong lines in the way your dress falls. Relax and open your shoulders, stand straight and lift you head. And there you have it: perfection!

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