While there are many (many, many, many) things that can make or break a wedding, flowers can surely be found at the top of the list. And they play a role of so many parts of the wedding: your hair, your bouquet, decorations where the ceremony takes place, decorations where the reception takes place, flowers for the table arrangements … which makes for a lot of potential stress.

Even though no one will notice if your flowers aren’t exactly what you wanted and not perfect in your eyes – hey, to most people, a rose is just a rose, by any other name – you will know. And that is what matters.

Let’s have a look at where you will or might need flowers:

You, the bride

  • Your bouquet
  • Hair flowers or a flower crown
  • A tossing bouquet at the reception

Your retinue

  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Bridesmaids’ hair
  • Flower girls’ bouquets
  • Flower girls’ hair
  • Ring bearer’s boutonnieres (a flower or flower arrangement pinned on the lapel)

Groom and retinue

  • Groom’s boutonnieres
  • Best man’s boutonnieres
  • Groomsmen’s boutonnieres

Family of the bridal couple

  • Corsage for mother of the bride
  • Corsage for mother of the groom
  • Boutonnieres for father of the bride
  • Boutonnieres for father of the groom
  • Corsages for grandmothers (optional)
  • Boutonnieres for grandfathers (optional)


  • Decorations at entrance/doors
  • Aisle decorations
  • Altar decorations
  • Flower petals to be strewn when you leave the chapel or church (or place of ceremony of your choice)


  • Decorations at entrance/doors
  • Entrance table arrangement
  • Table centrepieces and arrangements
  • Arrangements on the food/buffet table as well as the cake table
  • Flowers on the wedding cake
  • Flowers on the chair covers
  • Bathroom decorations
  • Centrepiece on the bride and groom’s table
  • Bar arrangements (very optional)
  • Petals for the dance floor (optional)
  • Decoration on the getaway car

While many of these can be reused for more than one thing, e.g. using the decorations in the chapel or church to decorate the bathroom, etc., it still needs careful planning and even more careful budgeting to avoid a bridal meltdown. Making a list and placing it in the order of must-have to would-be-nice is step number one.

Before you start sourcing around, you need to have a tentative idea of what your budget allows; although, the ultimate amount allocated in your budget will only be realistic once you have done sourcing and have seen what is available and at what cost.

In the next part of this blog, we’ll have a look at which flowers are available in which colours, and in part three we’ll help you decide which type of bouquet would suit your dress, your type of wedding and your theme the best.

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