Pay portal giant - Intecon - is definitely known in the office as the fun client

Alongside ourselves they treat their year-end events with meticulous planning and precision. The glitz and glamour event surely tops the calendars as their biggest party of the year. Combined with a long services award we have pulled out all the stops at this annual event. Having a client that is open to new ideas and thinking out of the box is instrumental in us executing events like the 2018 year-end function theme  – “The Greatest showman”. This dark carnival extravaganza held at the esteemed Kievits Kroon in Pretoria incorporated live fire acts, snake charmers and fortune tellers. The interesting décor and elegant circus draping simulating an old carnival tent, launched this to the next level.

2019’s year-end celebration was in the true spirit of Hollywood. It was held at the Sun International Maslow Hotel in Pretoria as we transformed a conference space into a Hollywood showstopper. A riveting performance by the group “The Girls” and our very own DJ Lerocka taking the party to the wee hours of 3AM, made for a lifetime of memories. We are already brainstorming with this year’s ideas as 2020 is going to be an interesting one indeed. The exciting element about working with a client on a yearly basis is that you can always exceed your previous achievements.