One of the sweetest trends in eventing is the pop-up or mobile bar. Used for the tradition alcoholic beverages as well as for juices, coffee, water and, well, anything you can drink, it is one of the hottest elements to have at an event.

Pop-up bars are quite popular for a reason, as they hold many benefits.

Trendy and different

As mentioned, pop-up bars are trendy and will add a certain flair to your event. You want something different and a pop-up bar is the perfect way to bring the wow factor to any event.

It’s organised

With the different options on offer by a pop-up bar, it can make organising your event so much easier. By necessity all the supplies and equipment have to be organised and neat, with the staff taking care of your guests without you having to worry about a thing.


A pop-up bar is a centrepiece of the event by its very nature. Not only is it usually extremely pleasing on the eye (part of its “job” is to look pretty), it also provides a natural go-to location as people will go there for drinks, controlling traffic flow.

It’s mobile

You can move around a pop-up bar, which means you have options when it comes to the layout of your function. If the event calls for it, or if factors e.g. the weather at an outdoor event necessitates it, the bar can be moved to best suit your purposes.

Quick and easy set-up

With a pop-up bar, you can create a bar area within minutes as it is quick and easy to set up. Similarly, it is easy to clean and pack up at the end of the function.

It can be customised

Even if branded, pop-up bars’ design means that it can be customised to suit your event. It can be set up in the shape that best suits your event. Whatever your theme, the pop-up bar can sport a similar look and feel thanks to LED lighting, making your event even more cool than it was!

The social “it” factor

A pop-up bar has a magical effect on people: it makes them more social. Inevitable the pop-up bar will become the hotspot of socialisation where everyone relaxes and starts enjoying themselves.


With the right bar staff, your pop-up bar becomes a centre of entertainment. (Think the movie Cocktail, only with a mobile bar.) Bar staff are specifically trained to entertain people while they serve drinks, regardless of the type of drink. They make it fun to watch and interact with the crowd.

A pop-up bar is a must-have for your next event, whether it is a conference of product launch, a wedding or a birthday bash.

UP A TONE EVENTS has a range of pop-up bars, from coffee and tea to cocktails and juice. Contact us today to book this cool service and make your event a hit!