Whether it’s a company birthday, celebrating a success, marking a milestone or the annual company yearend bash – it’s a big deal and people will be talking about it for a long time (or a year, at the least).

To pull off a successful company event, there are a few top tips you can follow to make the event great!

Rule number one is being organised. You need to have a comprehensive plan that covers every angle and make sure that everyone knows the part they need to play and how to do so properly.

Determine your budget. The amount of resources you have available will most certainly determine the size, theme and venue of the event. Stick to the budget to avoid severe cuts or scrambling for extra funds right before the day of the party.

Plan ahead – once you’ve set a date that is convenient to both to the company team as well as the operations of your company, you need to confirm the date, number of guests and the theme of the event to book a venue. To-do lists are your best friends here.

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Create a party planning committee (many companies already have a social committee in place). Divide the tasks among the committee members and delegate responsibilities according to the strengths of each person.

Involve your colleagues. Ask them about the best office parties they’ve ever been to and what they enjoyed the most. They will enjoy and appreciate the fact that their input is important, which will boost attendance numbers as they feel involved.

Pick a theme that works for everybody and falls within a reasonable budget, otherwise some team members might feel left behind and discouraged to attend.

Make sure you mix up the different department through activities and table placements. One of the main goals of an office party is to let employees interact in a less formal setting and get to know people with whom they normally don’t interact.

Provide transport if possible – you don’t need anyone on the team get into trouble once the party is over. Organise party buses to certain areas or spring for an Uber service.

Office parties are the most informal type of corporate event, yet it has the potential to have the greatest effect on company culture and employee morale.

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