Product or service launch parties are fun and exciting – unless you’re the one organising it. Then it’s usually more frantic than fun; and exciting, but not always the good kind.

Yet organising a product launch can be a lot less stressful – in Part 2 of this blog we look at more excellent tips to make your launch easier and more enjoyable for you, and an event to remember for all who attend.

Fabulous food and refreshment

Having a great or unique food experience can make an event stick in the mind for years, and the same goes for refreshment. Have delicious eats and drinks ensures that people are happy and will subconsciously have a great time – it’s hard not to enjoy an event that has exquisite and memorable catering. If possible, tie the catering into your theme, e.g. local cuisine for a proudly local product or service.

Ensure the technical aspects are sorted

Sound, lighting, power that doesn’t work is a logistical nightmare, so ensure beforehand that you have the necessary back-ups in place, that everyone on the technical team know their roles and also have a few run-throughs to get everyone familiar with the order of events. Get the best people for the job – as an added bonus, they have the experience necessary to deal with mishaps and glitches should any arise.

Swag sells

People love free stuff. As in really, really love free stuff. Swag is the goodie bag your guests get to take home and should include samples of your product they can use, as well as treats that will remind them of your brand. The contents of the swag bags should be of good quality, on-brand and make guests feel special and glad that they attended.


First impressions last, but you cannot just rely on a great launch to make your product or service number one. You need to follow up and keep your brand fresh in the mind of customers, decision-makers and the media. Following up with a call or email thanking guests for their attendance and providing them with more product information is a good start, but think of creative ideas, e.g. photos of them at the event, small swag-like gifts to refresh their memory of the great time that was had, or mentions on social media.

Product launches should be memorable, enjoyable and create talking points. You need to have all the elements in place, which is why you should call UP A TONE EVENTS today. We have it all – from fresh ideas on how to make your event stand out to any entertainment you can think; we also cover the nitty-gritty stuff like technical and sound equipment, lighting, catering, furniture and liquid bars. For a truly all-in-one solution, UP A TONE is the answer!

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