Product or service launch parties are fun and exciting – unless you’re the one organising it. Then it’s usually more frantic than fun; and exciting, but not always the good kind.

Yet organising a product launch can be a lot less stressful – simply follow these excellent tips to make your launch easier and more enjoyable for you, and an event to remember for all who attend.

What do you want to achieve?

Have a specific goal in mind and know what you want to achieve. Make a list of the must-have results to help you quantify whether the event is a success or not. A great party does not mean a great launch – the launch should create awareness and desire for your product or service. Your message must be consistent and converted into an experience that drives results.

Location location location

Where you hold the event should reflect your brand and the message of your launch. Choosing the right location can turn a good launch into a great one, and a great launch into the most talked about event of the year. And considering that the whole idea is to create awareness and a buzz around your product; that would be a good thing. Think outside the box and look at innovative experiences like a flash mob, out-there entertainment and audience participation.

Invite all the right people

Your PR team can take care of the usual suspects – journalist, media influencers and the like. You need to look at your customers and identify the decision-makers, the star customers, customers who are the most on-brand and the ones who will most benefit by the new product. Also invite your own team members who worked closely on the product and will do so in future – having them at the launch creates relationships that can be quite meaningful going forward.

Know your audience

Don’t try to cater for everyone; you’ll end up pleasing no one. One size does not fit all. Make sure that your launch will hit all the right notes with the customers who are most on-brand with the product or service being launched. Make sure the focus is on your brand and what the new product can do for them. It should motivate engagement under the guise of being a great experience.

Make it an experience

Speaking of which, make sure that the event is an experience. It should create excitement and give people a reason to want to be there; in fact, it must be the go-to event of the year. Add some buzz with a live demo, audience interaction, a breath-taking live entertainment – this should create social media engagement and have people tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming … the event should be newsworthy; it should get your brand out there and trending!

Product launches should be memorable, enjoyable and create talking points. You need to have all the elements in place, which is why you should call UP A TONE EVENTS today. We have it all – from fresh ideas on how to make your event stand out to any entertainment you can think; we also cover the nitty-gritty stuff like technical and sound equipment, lighting, catering, furniture and liquid bars. For a truly all-in-one solution, UP A TONE is the answer!

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of our blog on how to plan the perfect launch party – coming soon!

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