Experience they will never forget

Anyone can organise an event, and most people will probably pull off a good event. But you want to organise a great event, and one of the best ways to succeed is to make your guests feel not only welcome, but also special. The difference made by the smallest details can have the greatest effect on how people experience your event, so let’s see how you can make your guests feel like VIPs.

Do the unexpected

Add a surprise that will delight your guests. At a recent function, one of the country’s leading financial institutions wowed guests by serving a surprise dessert – the lights were dimmed and a flambé was placed in front of each guest, burning in the colours of the company. Instant touch of ‘great’ – and instant success!

Make it personal

Whether you have a big or a small event, remember that your guests are going to feel like a number, even if only the smallest of ways. Your aim is to make sure that they all feel like they count and are of importance. Whether it is a personalised trinket – nothing cheap, something that shows you really value their attendance – or taking a photo that’s ready by the end of the function, make sure they feel special.

Invite participation

Get your guests involved in the event. Give out small prizes and awards throughout the function when people give good suggestions, sit on the right seat, provide valuable input or draw a number. Take it a step further and assign roles to attendees and have them in turn involve those around them.

Make it worth it

Make sure that your reason for the event, e.g. a seminar, has a solid value offering. Find out as much as you can about your guests businesses and make sure to include this by illustrating how your product offering will benefit theirs. Show them how their attendance will benefit you both, and why you hand-picked them to be there.

Give them something to remember

Add to this by giving out goodie bags with additional information and knowledge, test programs on USBs, product samples or anything with value-add that’s relevant to the event. Add something nice, something positive that they can keep just because it’s pretty and they like it. They will like you too.

To make your event great, contact UP A TONE today – we’ve got those small details and special touches covered.