Instead of the usual, been-there-done-that year end functions, why not try something fresh and fun this year?

We’ve come up with some out-of-the-box thinking to spice up your year-end function – whether it’s a twist on an old favourite or a totally out-there idea, consider the following ideas for your fond farewells.

Bollywood dreams

If you’re into something more dramatic, why not have a Bollywood-themed party – a great spin on the popular Hollywood theme. It’ll give employees the chance to dress up – who doesn’t (even if secretly) like dressing up – within a specific theme. As a bonus, the entertainment is spectacular and the food delicious. For the adventurous, organise a dance lesson as part of the fun.

Ziplining or treetop adventure course

For the more adventurous and certainly more physically active employees, this is the perfect thrilling, endorphin-inducing experience. While ziplining is arguably more extreme, treetop adventure courses are just as thrilling, with the added element of being able to compete and having different obstacles to overcome. Warning: this is not for everyone, so make sure all the employees are on board and enthusiastic about this year-end party.

Midnight movie magic

Midnight movies are trending at the moment and is suitable for all ages and sizes. Finding the right venue is, of course, key. The movie doesn’t literally have to start at midnight – a good idea is to have picnic-themed catering in place and then start as soon as the sun has set. This way, young children will be tired out already while the grown-ups watch a classic. Stay close to tradition and have an intermission. Make sure there are snacks like popcorn, cotton candy and slushies to add to the nostalgia.

Your year-end function will depend largely on the amount of employees you have as well as their ages, family sizes (if they have families) and their interests.

The bottom line is this – if you want to try something out of the ordinary, make sure there is still an element of familiarity and also check that everyone is truly comfortable with the idea.

If everyone is game and on board, doing something different can be fun and the perfect way not only to end the year, but also build team spirit and allow employees to grow closer.

For more ideas on how you can have a unique or bespoke year-end function, contact UP A TONE EVENTS today – no matter what your needs, we’ve got it!