It’s that time of the year when things start to wind down (or more accurately, begin to tighten to breaking point before unwinding) so you need to get your year-end party plans in place.

You could have the usual restaurant fare or the traditional formal dinner at some venue, but why not try out something new this year?

We’ve come up with some out-of-the-box thinking to spice up your year-end function – whether it’s a twist on an old favourite or a totally out-there idea, consider the following ideas for your fond farewells.

Safari time!

South Africa is world-famous for its sea, sun and safaris, so go native and go on a one-day safari for your year-end function. You can make this a day or evening function, depending on your employees. Whichever way, a game drive is a must, as is a traditional bonfire in a boma, while you snack on biltong, droëwors and other proudly South African snacks while the braai is nicely getting on.

Reach for the sky

Fast gaining popularity, the dinner in the sky concept is a thrilling way to end your work year. It can also be interesting to see who thrives on being so high up in the air and who turns a bit green at the height.

Shebeen shenanigans

Another proudly South African treasure is going to a traditional shebeen. A long-time favourite among tourists, it’s about time that locals start converging on these colourful and cosy venues and share a bit of Ubuntu.

Fiesta fun

While we’re talking cultures, how about getting down and dirty by cooking together as a team? Any traditional cuisine that doesn’t require a knife and fork should do, but the hottest (literally) trend right now is Mexican food. Think platters of nachos and melted cheese, tacos and quesadillas with flavoursome fillings and of course, the more, um, liquid refreshments made famous by Mexicans. Because Mexican food has lots of components that can either be prepared on the spot or long before, it makes for the best team cook-off ever.

In Part 2 of this blog, we’ll look at more innovative ways to host your year-end function.

For more ideas on how you can have a unique or bespoke year-end function, contact UP A TONE EVENTS today – no matter what your needs, we’ve got it!