Food trucks – a.k.a. mobile venues that sell food – is the latest trend in couture cuisine. If you’ve seen the movie Chef (and you should, really), you’ll know that it’s literally a restaurant on wheels, albeit with no set tables or other amenities traditionally associated with restaurants. (A major difference that sets it apart from another modern trend: pop-up restaurants.)

Food trucks originated in the United States of America, with the concept appearing as far back as the late 17th century. Originally push carts serving food, today’s meals-on-wheels concept serves as many as 2.5 billion people per day.

Food trucks are super-versatile – while its fare is typically more of the fast food variety, today’s food truck is not limited to hot dogs, bagels and pancakes.

The first more modern version of the food truck was invented, or rather, innovated by a rancher named Charles Goodnight, in the late 1800s. Cattle ranchmen needed to herd cattle over long distances to cater for the growing railroad network. Goodnight took an army surplus wagon, mounted a wooden box on the back as a storage place for pots and pans, etc. It had a hinge that opened to become a chef’s workstation and a table to serve food. And there it was: the birth of the food truck as we know it. It became known as a chuck wagon; chuck being a name for good, hearty food.

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In the cities of New England, food trucks also flourished, known as night owls because they catered for night workers. Another version of how the modern food truck was invented features a street food vendor named Walter Scott, who modified a covered wagon by adding windows and sold sandwiches, pies and coffee at Rhode Island.

Today’s food trucks harken back to a time of nostalgia – the food is simple but good; quick to serve without compromising on quality. It has become a huge trend as a catering option at functions, being old-school yet hipster; quality yet quick on the plate.

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