Whether you’re hosting a care-free afterhours gathering or a formal office party, much of the success of your event hinges on etiquette. Just as you expect certain courtesies and behaviours from your guests, your guests have their own expectations of you.

Your etiquette begins before the invitations are sent out and continues long after the event ends. In this two-part post, we look at six easy etiquette tips that will make your office party a resounding success.


A good host mingles, so make sure you keep it moving. Work the room, participate in the party and keep your finger on the pulse of the party. No one wants to attend an event where the host stays glued to one or two people the entire night. Try and give personalised attention to as many of your guests as possible.

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Make introductions

As the host, it is your responsibility to ensure that all your guests are introduced to each other. Be sure to include among other things, their company, position and some interests, achievements or other interesting bits of appropriate information. This creates an environment for information sharing and creates the space for other opportunities.

Send guests off warmly

When the festivities have come to an end, ensure there is always someone there to greet your guests and give them a warm send off. Be sure to thank them for any gifts they may have brought and send them off with a small party favour or bottle of water.

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