Whether you’re hosting a care-free afterhours gathering or a formal office party, much of the success of your event hinges on etiquette. Just as you expect certain courtesies and behaviours from your guests, your guests have their own expectations of you.

Your etiquette begins before the invitations are sent out and continues long after the event ends. In this two-part post, we look at six easy etiquette tips that will make your office party a resounding success.

Send out invitations on time

It’s common courtesy to give your guests enough time to make arrangements to attend your event. The general rule of thumb is that event invitations should be sent out at least 21 days before the event takes place.

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Pay attention to the guest list

Take extra time to plan and craft your guest list in advance. If you have any VIP guests attending circulate short bios or profiles to your staff beforehand so that they know who they should be talking to and have enough chance to find out what their interests are.

Greet all your guests

Create a warm, welcoming environment for your event. Set the tone with appropriate background music. Meet your guests as they enter and greet them warmly. You can add a little something extra by having a photographer take portraits and group photos of the guests as they enter.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more easy etiquette tips for office party success.

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