It’s time for your year-end function and while you’ve stayed within your budget by working smartly and being creative (see our blog from last month) and deciding to do it in-house at your offices or a more modest venue, the one thing everyone always remembers and talks about is the food.

So how to fill everyone’s tummies with yummy food that doesn’t break the bank?

Firstly, keep it simple. If you have a set theme for your year-end function, you need to have food that goes with this theme. But keep it simple – not everyone likes the same kind of dishes, so you need to cater for a general yes-factor.

If you choose a professional caterer, get as many quotations as you can and try to get some taste test – the last thing you need is a seemingly above-board catering company that doesn’t deliver on the day and serves horrible food!

Another great option is to make the catering part of the entertainment – and décor. A great example of thus is getting a food truck. Food trucks are current very popular and offers a variety of different types of food – from hot dogs and burgers to stir-fries and pasta. Watching the food truck chefs prepare the food is quite the show – they have flair and showmanship that will entertain your guests while they wait for their food.

Your company has a unique identity, at UP A TONE EVENTS we use your distinctive corporate style to create your conference, event and showcase. Whether it’s a small intimate event, private conference, Product Launch, annual conference, or a fabulous year end celebration of your company success. We have the tools and the team to make it work. Trust us, we are experts in Event Planning and Management.

Another plus is that you can have more than one food truck, so you cater for everyone’s culinary needs and requirements. And you don’t have to worry about cutlery and crockery – no rental fees and no breakage penalties.

A liquid bar is a great way to outsource the liquid refreshments – we have many different pop-up bars from which you can choose: water, tea, coffee and the more adult beverages. Once again, it serves as more than just a convenient way to let someone else do the work – the barman do more than simply serve drinks, they are showmen trained to entertain a crowd!

You can also “outsource” on desserts – think a chocolate fountain or a mobile instant ice cream station such as BrainFreeze, where an ice cream master whips up a delicious serving of ice cream from scratch right in front of your eyes … check out their Facebook page for videos – it’s breath-taking!

You can always count on UP A TONE EVENTS to create a rocking year-end function. We are an all-round event management company,
so contact us to take care of all your needs, from all kinds of creative catering to décor, music, lights and entertainment to make your year-end function unforgettable.