LED screens can be used indoors and outside. It makes for a spectacular display that is both impressive and of the highest quality. By using LED displays, you can share words, texts, images, drawings, animation and multimedia to communicate your message to the people at your event, as well as provide background entertainment.

Depending on your needs, you can have the LED screen built to your specifications, however large you need it to be. The display board, comprising interlinked LED screens, will provide high definition, bright and bold colours, a wide angle of visibility and a long service life.

There are many benefits to using LED screens:


LED screens can be used in darker locations and during the night time, but it also is highly functional during the day, unlike other big screens. The visuals remain clear and easily seen, making it the perfect medium for day-time functions even if held outdoors.

Technologically advanced

LED technology is up to date and as advanced as you’ll get. It has the clearest images in the most diverse circumstance while having extreme ease of use. Because LED screens are available in P10 to P1 resolution, you have great clarity of images without having to worry about distance and lighting angles. P 1 – 4 is for use indoors, such as presentations and conferences while P10 is used outdoors, where the audience is further away from the screens. Yet the image remains clear.

All shapes and sizes

Because LED screens can be set as one unit of display, you can determine the size of the screen. Whether you would like a smaller screen for a conference or workshop, or a large screen to be used outdoors for maximum visibility, LED screens can deliver.

You effectively build one large screen from many small screens, so you can play around with the shape of the “big” screen. You can shape your large LED screen by using different configurations when connecting the smaller screens to form the big one. Another major breakthrough is that you now also get curved LED screens, which ups the wow factor and allows for even better viewing.

More economic

LED screens use less energy than conventional screens, saving you money and conserving energy. It also gives off less heat, which saves additional money in cooling systems and lost energy.

Longer lasting

LED screens last much longer than older, more traditional screens. This is not only another budget saver, but also means less maintenance and replacement costs.

LED screens have many advantages over its predecessor, the projector screen. Although more expensive, this is more than compensated for by the extra clarity and brightness. Led screens take up less space as it doesn’t require space in front or behind from which to project the images or presentation. In fact, you can build an LED screen right against a wall and have your audience seated as close as four metres in front of it with ease.

An LED screen makes visual presentations easy and effective. It makes a world of difference to any event; with spectacular visual effects and clear, concise visual information made available to your audience.

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