As winter approaches the idea of shying away from the warmer “wedding season” becomes very appealing to those looking to save money and host a truly unique wedding experience. Winter may present several event planning obstacles that you would not even consider in the warmer months but don’t let the cold deter you from hosting your perfect wedding, rather use it as point for inspiration.

With a little imagination and a few good ideas, you can create an amazing winter wonderland for yourself and your guests. In this two-part post, we will look at six tips to ensure that your winter wedding is a resounding success.

Warm up with lighting and décor

Your lighting and décor go a long way for setting the mood so do opt for warmer colours and incorporate candles into your event. It’s worth noting that the days are shorter in winter affecting your perception of time so lighting is key. You don’t want your guests thinking it’s much later than it is and wishing they were home in bed with a book instead of celebrating this special occasion with you.

We know that successful weddings are about more than just music and although the music plays a big part in setting the scene for you and your guests the décor and lighting do even more. At UP A TONE we will work with you to make sure we get the ambience just right with the range of additional entertainment and decor services

Consider guest comfort

For you winter wedding to truly be a success the comfort of your guests is one of the most important factors you need to attend to. Ensure that the heating is right in your venue and add extra touches like blankets or pashminas to each of your guests as an additional element of warmth.

Think outside the box

Winter weddings provide an opportunity to think outside the box and add many extra personal touches to your wedding that make for a memorable event. Some fun ideas include having an area for roasting marshmallows, putting hot water bottles (with decor matching covers of course) throughout the venue or in guests’ seats for a quick warm up or even giving away personalised lip balms as a gift.

At UP A TONE Events we strive to make your day memorable by matching our services perfectly to your desires. From entertainment to lighting and décor, our services are guaranteed to create that extra special feel and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests for all the right reasons. Contact us for more information today.