You’ve done the best you could but due to unforeseen circumstances you have no other option but to cancel your event. This is a scenario no one wants to think about but if you find yourself in this predicament, the way you handle the situation will affect your reputation.

Whatever your reasons for cancelling your event follow the six tips in our two-part post for effective damage control to ensure your reputation will still be in tact after you break the news.

Notify your suppliers

Managing your reputation means keeping everyone involved with the event in the loop and this includes not only your guests but your suppliers as well. As soon as you’ve informed all of your guests and no longer have to worry about them finding out about the cancellation via social media or the rumour mill inform your suppliers so you can start to negotiate regarding money you owe them. This will help you preserve these relationships in the industry for future events.

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Spread the word

Now that you’ve taken care to inform the most important parties be sure to update any and all information related to your event. Take to social media, use your website, phone message and even your email signature to communicate the cancellation of your event. It may also be worthwhile to issue your official statement explaining the reason for the cancellation. You can be as detailed or as brief as you like but make sure that you don’t play the blame game or air your dirty laundry in public.

Monitor social media

Social media is one of the biggest drivers of engagement for events before and after they take place, which is probably why you have an official hashtag, so set aside some time to monitor the conversations around your hashtag.  Where people are communicating their excitement around the event thank them for their engagement and notify them of the cancellation.

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