Event planning can be a 24/7 affair which is why event professionals have to have exceptional organisational ability and time management skills.

Whether you’re in charge of event management in your company or are involved with planning a special private event, poor time management can result in a disastrous event.  In this two-part post we’ll look at six tips for effective time management when planning an event.

Cut out the to-do list

It may sound counterproductive but creating a to-do list could slow you down and overwhelm you when you can least afford it. Rather convert your to-do list into a schedule by not only writing down what you have to do but when you have to do it by. Attaching timelines to your tasks will help you prioritise the important ones first.

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Schedule everything

Once you start planning your event start scheduling everything. Create a complete schedule of everything you have to do in a day including all your event planning activities, meal times and down time. This will give you a better sense of control and alleviate any fears and panic you may have about wasting precious planning time.

Make the most of your spare moments

Use your downtime to get more done. For example, if you’re travelling via public transport use the time to brainstorm ideas, get in some extra work or study. Find the moments in your day where you can get two tasks done for the price of one.

Don’t miss part 2 of our post where we look at three more, time management tips for successful event planning.

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