Entertainment is one of the key ingredients for a successful event and hosting a successful event is an integral part of any company’s image. Selecting the right entertainer for your corporate event can be quite stressful but, knowing what to consider before you start the hiring process can make the things go a lot smoother.

Finding someone who is the right fit for your event is essential for success which is why you should always consider these three things when selecting a corporate event entertainer.


Before you set your heart on that band you’ve always wanted to see or the comedian you love its absolutely essential that you consider your audience tastes first. Consider demographics such as age and location. For example, if you know your audience is not too uptight you could hire a local musician, dancer or comedian.

Choosing the right supplier to best suit your needs for your wedding is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. We at UP A TONE strive to make your day memorable by matching our services perfectly to your desires.  Our entertainment options are guaranteed to create that extra special feel and leave a lasting impression on you and your guests for all the right reasons.


When setting a budget for your entertainer you should consider the impression you want to make on your guests and how you intend to bring the entertainment into the event. Will the entertainer incorporate guests into their performance, as part of a standalone show, or will they serve as background entertainment? Factors such as these could affect pricing. It may also be worthwhile to pull funds from another area, such as décor or food, to secure a top-class performer who will create a truly memorable experience for your guests more so than the food or décor.


Once you know what your audience would like and how much you have available to make it happen you need to consider numerous logistical factors. How much time and space do you have available for entertainment? Do you have time in your schedule for rehearsals and sound checks? Do you have space available to act as a “dressing room” or holding area for your performers? Does your venue have any restrictions in terms of noise or type of entertainment (e.g. A fire breathing, or animal act?) All of these factors will impact your choice of entertainer in the end.

A popular musician, ambient live band or vibrant background music can create just the right atmosphere at your corporate event. Let UP A TONE EVENTS entertain your employees or guests with our exciting live entertainment acts and celebrity DJs. Contact us for more information today.