Who doesn’t love a DJ? They play good tunes, get the party started and ensure everyone has a good time overall. But there are many wannabe DJs out there, so how do you get ahead of the rest?

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 secrets of becoming a successful DJ.

Sixpence none the richer

If you want to be a DJ, get out there and get playing! In the beginning you’ll probably get paid next to nothing, but we all need to start somewhere. In time, you’ll start earning money and, more importantly, respect!

My way

You obviously love music – let that be your guide. Develop your own style and skills. Be a music fan first and don’t be in a hurry. When you get to the top, you want to be ready for it. To be successful, first you need to be yourself.

School of rock

Be ready for a learning curve. It won’t be moonlight and roses from the get-go, but if you put in the hard work now, you’ll reap the rewards later. Plus you’ll appreciate it more because you will have earned it.

Work it

Hard work never killed anybody, but it sure has made a lot of people successful. Be prepared to go the extra mile. You’ll build a great reputation. In this industry word-of-mouth counts for a lot, so work hard to build a solid reputation.

When the going gets tough

Competition is tough out there and you need to understand that there are a lot of people ready to take your place if you make careless mistakes. Don’t take opportunities for granted and never give less than 100%.

Age ain’t nothing but a number

Don’t think you are less capable because you are younger or older than other DJs. In this industry, it’s all about reputation and reputation is earned by ability. Whether you’re a teenager or a golden ager, it’s all about the music. Connect with your audience and they’ll connect with you!

Relax, don’t do it (all the time)

Avoid burnout. Find a balance in your life – hobbies, family, a day job – that ensures you are more than just your work. It will ultimately make you a better DJ.

Erase and rewind

DJing is a job for night owls – most of the time you’ll get home when most people leave for work. Exercise is a great way to rest and relax when you do get the chance. Try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

Call on me

If you need help, ask. Get in touch with established DJs (even if it’s your peers) and exchange tips and experiences. You can never know too much!

Don’t stop believin’

Believe in yourself – this is what you’ve always wanted to do, so go out and do it!

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